Best Weed Smoking Games To Try For Your Next Weed Sesh

weed smoking games

If you’re searching for a good way to celebrate marijuana with your buddies, try some weed smoking games.

With the help of your marijuana-loving friends, you may experience the fun of smoking while participating in exciting games.

Some individuals find it amusing and enjoyable, while others who are new smokers might not feel comfortable participating. Overall, weed smokers are coming up with new, inventive methods to enjoy themselves while sharing their favorite plant, therefore weed smoking games are here to thrive!

Like marijuana terminology, there are a number of weed games and they may be rather inventive.

Also, they are a terrific way to have fun with your buddies and quickly soar to tremendous heights. In fact, you can add weed into just about any game you wish to play in order to blend friendly competition and burning Mary Jane.

These are our best picks for enjoyable weed smoking games to play with your favorite stoner friends.

Best weed smoking games

Be mindful of safety if you intend to break out the weed smoking games at an event or a party before we dive into the details.

Make sure that no one who has used weed or alcohol is operating a vehicle, and that everyone exercises caution while consuming the two together as well as knowing their own personal intake threshold.

Ash Bomber

One of the most well-known and well-liked weed smoking games around weed smokers is the ash bomber. To enjoy this game, you have to get these resources:

  • One joint.
  • An elastic band.
  • One coin.
  • A cup.
  • A roll of rolling papers.

Using the rolling paper, seal the cup opening. Use the rubber band to secure the rim. Light your joint and place the coin in the paper’s middle. Each player needs to take a, hold the smoke, burn a hole in the paper, pass the joint, and finally exhale.

Every time a player puffs, they must burn a hole. The one who causes the penny to drop is the loser and is required to complete some dare.

Never Have I Ever

Have a big group and make sure there is enough Mary Jane for everyone. Prepare some spliffs, roll up a few joints, or load a few bongs. Decide who will go first. That person just states, “Never have I ever…” before some activity.

For an instance, a person can say, “Never have I ever gotten lost while being high” Anybody who has carried out or gone through the activity takes a puff.

The play continues after the next member of the group makes a claim.


With your weed ready, gather in a circle. Everyone drops their heads down, looking at the floor. On the count, everybody looks up and stares at a different player.

You are okay if you are staring at someone who IS NOT staring at you.

But, if you are staring at someone who IS staring at you s Shout “Medusa!” while lighting up your joint and taking a hit.


Although the principle of this game is straightforward, each player must have their own weed. Turn on Bob Marley’s song Jammin’ and take a hit each time the singer says “jammin'” or “jam.”

But beware, the backup vocalist “jams” frequently and fast (4 hits in 4 seconds). In either case, it’s a good weed smoking game that will quickly bake you.

Wheel Of Weed

This one requires the most preparation. To play this game, you’ll need a spinning wheel from a board game or something similar that spins smoothly.

You can also make your own wheel out of whatever materials you find to be most effective, and then list the various chores in each area, such as “take two hits,” “pass the joint to your right,” “truth or dare”, “spin again” etc. Take turns spinning and carrying out each activity.




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